I get asked by clients if they can put personal items in the vehicle while transporting it. (i.e. clothes, boxes, household goods)

The answer is yes, you are allowed up to 150lbs, at no additional cost. If you have more then 150lbs you run the risk of the driver requesting more money on your load, they will request it before it is loaded so you can decide if it is beneficial economically for you or not. ANYONE that tells you over the phone you can put more then 150lbs is telling you what you want to hear to get your order, then when the driver gets there you will deal with it then. Here at Get it Done Transportation we pride ourselves on NO SURPRISES!

The driver NEVER leaves your vehicle unattended, they sleep in the tuck at a truck stop while getting rest during transport, so it is typically safe and very rare something would end up missing, but you always run that small risk. So, it’s is important to remember anything you transport in your vehicle is NOT insured, the carriers insurance ONLY covers your vehicle. You must be careful when asking other companies about this, some may lie to you and tell you “YES” it is insured just in hopes of making you feel comfortable and booking your order with them, then if something ends up missing or damaged they will be no where to be found, or deny telling you they said it was insured.  Think about it, your transporting your vehicle on a car carrier NOT a household good moving truck.   So if you do decide to put up to 150lbs in the vehicle, I would not suggest putting anything valuable or fragile in there.

The driver will not go through your vehicle while in transit but if the carrier gets stopped by DOT (department of transportation) they will search any vehicles with personal belongings in them to make sure no one is transporting anything illegal (i.e. drugs or guns)

Just to reiterate, you are allowed up to 150lbs at no additional charges meaning your quoted price includes this. If you decide to put more in the vehicle more times then none a driver will not bother asking for more money and if so it would be less then 100.00 BUT you do run the risk of the driver requesting more money BEFORE loading the unit. Anything you put in the vehicle is NOT insured, BUT your vehicle is FULLY INSURED w/ no deductible held against you.  Also, your quoted price includes a full inspection of the vehicle (interior and exterior) at pick up and drop off so we can make sure it arrives in the EXACT condition it was picked up in.

I hope I answered all off your questions and concerns about transporting personal items in your vehicle while transporting it from state to state. Always keep in mind Get it Done Transportation is very clear on how it all works. We would rather lose your deal by being honest then lying to earn it, our reputation and integrity means more.

If you have any other questions please call us anytime without feeling pressured to book with us. 1-888-325-1899


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