We do specialize in Enclosed auto transportation. All of the enclosed haulers Get it Done works with use a hard sided, padded trailer with a lift gate. Typically, enclosed transport is for high end, antique, rare or brand new cars, it is GUARANTEED to protect you from weather, trees. rocks/pebbles and even dirt during transport, the vehicle will not even have dust on it when delivered. The price for enclosed can be as high as 40% more then going with a open trailer. Our guarantees when going enclosed, you will be on the same truck from pick up to drop off, your vehicle will be loaded accordingly so it will not be taken off or moved around at all during transport after being loaded lessening any chances of damage.

About 85% of our of the vehicle we move go with a open trailer. It is relatively safe, we transport close to 700 cars a month on open trailer and less then 1% get damaged. Get it Done ONLY contracts carrier rated 98% and must carry premium insurance with no deductible accountable to the customer. As you can image the carriers insurance rates are through the roof so the last thing they want are any claims, they are extremely careful.  Choosing to go with a open trailer you are possibly subject to weather, trees, small rocks pebbles or dirt and will need a wash once delivered especially during the winter months. Again, it is very rare to have a claim but you run that small risk with choosing open. Most will take that risk since it is so much cheaper then choosing enclosed.

Whether you choose Enclosed or Open, Get it Done Transport promises 3 things! You will be with 1 of the most reputable drivers in the industry, your vehicle will receive a full condition report/inspection at pick up and drop off to make sure your car arrives in the EXACT condition it was picked up in, and your vehicle will remain on the same truck from pick up til it reaches its destination.

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