After requesting a quote online you will be bombarded with calls and emails with pricing all over the board. Some extremely high and some really low. It can be some what confusing and mentally frustrating. That’s why I am here to help ease your confusion on how Auto transportation pricing works.

Many consumers will call or email us here at Get it Done Transportation asking if we can lower the price, match a competitor or how did we come up with the price to transport their vehicle. It’s actually a very good question, especially in today’s economy everyone is looking for the best “bang for their buck” or at least a competitive rate.

I will tell you in the auto transportation industry like many other industries “you get what you pay for” there really is no magic wand when it comes to pricing. Your quote must be priced at “market value” of that particular route, most consumers think it is priced off cents per mile, when in fact, it is priced on how many vehicles are moving in what direction your looking to move that time of year. I tell my clients the best way to describe pricing is like air fare, certain flights to certain areas are cheaper at different times, i.e. to move a car from NY – FL right now is roughly $740.00 but to move that same car from FL – NY  is 490.00. You must be priced accordingly to how many drivers are in that area within 150 miles of you pick up and drop off.

The auto transportation industry gets a bad name by some because they are under priced by companies to reel in there business. Most companies that give these lower quotes are often because their reputation does not stand as good as their competitors so to beat them out they bait you with the lower quote to get your business, only to tell you days later or the day before your scheduled pick up date “they need more money”.

Your answer is pretty simple, if it seems to good to be true most of the time it is! Go with the middle, DO NOT choose the company that has you priced the highest or the lowest, stick with the middle! When you chose the company that has you priced in the middle 99% of the time they have you priced at “market value” and your NOT choosing the company that has you priced the highest looking for a large commission and your also NOT choosing the company that has you priced the lowest looking to possibly reel you in to get your business then tell you they need more money later. Remember, there is no magic wand!

I hope this helped you understand the auto transportation industry a little better when it comes to how your vehicle transportation is priced.

P.S. Here at Get it Done, we’ll ALWAYS be priced in the middle, very competetive and your quote is GUARANTEED!!!!!!



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