Choosing the right company to transport your vehicle can be stressful. Get it Done Transportation wants to give you the knowledge of the industry to help you have a good experience whether its with us or not.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you compare quotes, as I stated in my last news post you do not want to go to the extremes of the cheapest or the most expensive quotes, stick with the pricing in the middle.  Narrow your choice down to 2 or 4 companies, then start your research.

Google will be your best friend in researching on any company’s reputation. The best way to search is Google. Google the company name with the word “Reviews”, “Scams”, “Rip-Off” after the name (i.e. Get it Done Transportation Reviews, Get it Done Transportation Scams). Then the search engine will search for any review or posting about that company that has those key words.

Also, Google the owner’s name, or the sales rep / agent that you are speaking to about possibly booking, with the company’s name, scams, rip-off, or reviews after his / her name (i.e. David Pein Get it Done Transportation, David Pein scams, David Pein Rip-Off, David Pein reviews) . This will look up anything with those keywords about the person you are talking too.

How reliable are reviews on the internet? Just know that most consumers when having a good experience will just go about thier day and not write a review based on how great their experience was, BUT if something goes wrong they will get on the net to write about it quicker then a speeding train, lol. (i.e. Get it Done Transportation has OVER 1000, 5 star reviews all over the net, sounds like a lot right? Not really! Considering we ship OVER 700 cars a month, so that is merely just a month and a 1/2 worth of work for us.) Look at the pattern of reviews. If most complaints are about the same issue then that is probably that company’s weak point and need fixing, so if that company’s trending reviews are about “bait in switch” or “timing”  you know this is a weak point in that particular company.

Make sure reputation is a big factor on who you are choosing and not just price, if price sounds to good to be true, its usually just that. The last thing you want is to choose the wrong company and have a awful experience over a few bucks when dealing with something as valuable as your vehicle.

Just like any industry, the auto transportation industry is no different. You have your hard working people looking to make a honest dollar, then you have your fly by night company’s looking to “make a quick buck”. If you do your research on the companies your thinking about using you should have a great experience

I hope this helps and Good Luck!

A friendly FYI: Get it Done Transportation has over 1000 5 star reviews all over the net w/ ONLY 9, 0 star reviews. The reason we are so successful in keeping our clients happy is simple!  Our “No customer left behind policy” we understand we do not live in a perfect world, especially when dealing with machinery, weather, traffic, auctions and consumers from all areas things can go wrong BUT it’s what you do about that situation tha makes it right or wrong, it;s how your customer service deals with adversity and willing to do what it takes to make it right ! And that is what makes us so successful in the auto transportation industry.



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