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Get it Done Transportation Tips: Things to Know about Car Shipping

In this industry cheapest quotes DO NOT move vehicles, I price your vehicle according to market value of how many vehicles are moving within 150 miles of your pick up to destination  and what your specific route is calling for. If, you decide to go with the cheapest quote you run the risk of having a less reputable carrier ship your vehicle. Or, you may end up on the National Transport Board for weeks before being picked up.  Eventually, you’ll find that the company you booked with calls to say they need more money. This is a classic bait and switch.  They hook you with the price you want to hear just to get your “deposit” and then play unprofessional games on your time and your dime. Remember, “deposit” is just a fancy alternative way of saying “brokerage-fee”. DO NOT pay a “deposit” until a carrier is assigned to pick up your vehicle.

OUR JOB AS BROKERS, is to find you a reputable carrier. Why would you pay before the brokers job is complete? What is the incentive to find you a carrier quickly if they have been paid? PROTECT YOURSELF. We price our jobs based on your vehicle being picked up by a reputable auto carrier within a 4-day window no guessing, no games, no hassles, just predictable, top-quality car shipping services and accurate car shipping quotes. Here at Get It Done Transportation you can not put a price on our integrity, we are not willing to lie to you to earn your business.

Secondly, as an Get it Done Transportation customer we want you to expect superior customer service from us. Our team of customer service representatives is always on call to answer any questions you may have before pick-up and up to the minute your vehicle is delivered to by our auto carrier its final destination. State-of-the-art tracking and our network of connections through-out the auto transport industry allow us to keep you informed while your vehicle is in transit. You should expect an email or call with an estimated pick-up and delivery times 24-48 hours before your 1st available date. The car carrier driver usually calls when he or she is about 3-5 hours away both on pick-up and delivery. For customers who are moving and have short windows of availability, we specialize in coordinating last minute auto transport.

Auto transportation in the Continental US allows up to 100 pounds to be transported on the back seats (not covering the windows) of your car or trunk. For any additional weight, the driver will charge up to a dollar per pound additional. If you need to transport additional weight, kindly specify as such when arranging your car shipping services. We recommend that you do not ship any electronics within the vehicle due to the possibility of sun and/or heat damage. For Hawaii and Alaska auto transport, no loose items are allowed anywhere in the car. The Customs Officials will not allow anything at all to be shipped within the vehicles when coming through these ports.

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